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Building Experiences
Beyond Applications.

Partner with a UK-based web development agency that knows your technology, your industry and your customers. We're your Marketing team's secret weapon.

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EPiServer / Optimizely

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We offer a end-to-end development solutions across a wide range of technologies and industries, on a piece-work or SLA basis. We're experts in CMS upgrades and migrations, rebrands/new site builds, web and software project management, and legacy site maintenance. Get in touch if you'd like to find out more about a specific service.
Umbraco CMS
We love Umbraco! With loads of experience in upgrades, migrations and custom development, we're the agency you want doing your version upgrade or ongoing maintenance.
EPiServer / Optimizely
Elevate your online presence with EPiServer/Optimizely. Unleash personalized experiences and dynamic testing, transforming your digital landscape.
WordPress with Elementor
Whether you're looking for a WordPress developer to build a new site, or revamp an old one, we have the expertise and services you need.
Supercharge your Shopify
Stand out from the crowd with custom Shopify themes and apps, cart and site speed optimization and a team of Shopify experts just an email away
They're fantastic! Incredibly flexible, responsive, and thorough. Guided us through launching our new website, providing invaluable support and advice. Highly recommended!
Patrick Finnegan, Eating to Extinction
FreshConstruct's partnership elevates our agency. Their expertise consistently exceeds expectations, delivering impressive results for our clients. A true asset to our success.
Anthony Looney, Vivify
Development services that deliver results
Web Development
From the ground up, we construct, maintain websites and improve web applications all under our collective roof.
Mobile App development
Our expert team ensures smooth, engaging, and responsive applications tailored to your needs.
Rapid MVP Prototyping
Testing early delivers the insights you need to progress faster and with confidence. We're primed to quickly build a wider variety of prototypes.
Product and project management
Our management team makes sure that your products and projects are built to specs and always on track.
Technology consulting
Fresh perspective from our experts and specialists provide invaluable knowhow and experience to enable effective future planning of what and when to construct.
Marketing Automation
Our expert consultants provide specific advice about how to automate tasks and processes so you can focus on effectiveness.
Don't find precisely what you need? Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help.

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Experience you can trust

With long-term partnerships with OneWeb, Dam Digital, That's The Ticket and Vivify to name a few, we are deeply immersed with our clients in a variety of industries across worldwide timezones.
We partnered with OneWeb to launch their new website, OneWeb.net. This project posed several intricate project management challenges, necessitating our team's deep online marketing expertise. To tackle the project's complexity, characterized by numerous stakeholders and tight deadlines, we employed an agile methodology with a sprint-based approach.
FreshConstruct swiftly built and supports key platforms for OneWeb's marketing and communications. Their motto could be 'Leave it with me.' They excel in smooth project management, earning trust across a large, dispersed organisation, and successfully leading critical initiatives."
Malcolm Fitzwilliams, Director, Partner Marketing, Eutelsat-OneWeb
We were responsible for the maintenance of the existing Crisis eCommerce Shopify integration whilst launching new features and tools for Crisis’s eCommerce site to improve sales revenues. We also supported Crisis at Christmas 2021 and helped them to launch The Dear to Our Hearts campaign. Thanks to the campaigns success, Crisis provided additional support to those experiencing homelessness at Christmas.
FreshConstruct consistently delivers excellence as our trusted white-label partner. Their expertise and dedication have ensured our projects shine, exceeding our clients' expectations every time."
Peter Cameron, Director,
Dam Digital
Development of audience coordination software that effectively manages bookings for television shows. Our focus was on optimizing and automating the booking workflow and integrating external services whilst integrating new features into the application. All this as well as improving its core stability and performance.
They're the last development team you'll ever need. Unparalleled due diligence shines through in every end product. From discovery, UX, project management to deployment, they're an absolute pleasure to work with."
Jessica Cribb, Company Director,
That's The Ticket
5 Day free trial!
We're offering the first 5 enquiries per month* a 5 day free trial of technical capabilities and consultancy services.

Meet our leadership

We combine decades of experience across the global and digitally transforming world. Our story started in Hungary, traversed Berlin, and settled in the UK. Now with clients in Australia, Europe and the UK, we're a truly global and networked technology and innovation firm.
Aron Lakatos
CEO and Founder
Dedicated to forging lasting partnerships, I leverage my background as a full-stack developer and product manager to bring a wealth of business and technical expertise. Leading by example, I ensure a focus on creating value beyond delivery.

Our collective goal is to drive positive change through digital innovation, nurturing a smart, innovative, and value-driven culture for continuous growth and client success.
Chase Richards
I'm a Marketing & Commercial generalist with over 15 years' experience  in eCommerce and Digital Marketing. I'm known for creative problem solving, and getting more done with less.

A practiced hand at leading teams, launching products, running campaigns, rapid prototyping and ecommerce operations, I'm the guy who figures out how to make it happen.
Milan Nagy
Milan, our talented CTO with 10+ years' experience, excels in software development, prioritizing user experience, productivity, and stability.

He expands his role to effective project management and client relations, driven by a passion for process enhancement and embracing new challenges.
We pride ourselves in providing fresh perspectives and advice to our clients on how their businesses can re-construct and transform to become natively digital-first.
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Meet our talented team

We were founded to enable smart, cost-effective, digital transformation initiatives through our innovative, collaborative and pro-active culture where value and product thinking have become second nature.
Earle Skinner
Full-Stack Developer
With more than 20 years of experience in .NET, ASP.NET, SQL Server and various CMS platforms including Umbraco, Contentful and Sitefinity, Earle has a wealth of technical expertise. He manages infrastructure and mentors young developers, apprentices at the company, demonstrating his ability to lead successful projects.
Peter Manuel Cataño
Full-Stack Developer
Peter Cataño has more than 15 years of experience as a backend developer. He is proficient in technologies such as C#, ASP.NET and SQL Server. His proficiency in backend technologies, as well as his extensive experience in Agile methodologies and DevOps practices, is extremely valuable to our company.
Andras Moor
Senior Front-End
UX and UI Designer
Andras is a design virtuoso with expertise in HTML, CSS, CMS, Figma, and Adobe products. His forte lies in seamlessly merging creative design with technical precision, excelling in optimizing user experiences and interface design.
Jonas dos Santos
Front-End Developer
Jonas has a strong background in web development, with expertise in React, Angular, JavaScript, and TypeScript. His proficiency in creating user-friendly interfaces, conducting A/B tests, and deploying on platforms like Azure sets him apart in the industry.
Gabor Porteleki
Back-End Developer
Gabor excels in legacy system development, .NET Core, Angular, and MSSQL. With a BSc in Computer Science, his expertise includes DevOps, CI/CD pipelines, and Azure environments. A creative team player with strong problem-solving skills and reliability.
Istvan Szanyi
Backend Developer
Istvan, a passionate backend developer with 4 years of experience, fulfills his childhood dream through coding excellence. His journey includes projects at Freshconstruct, freelancing, and teaching C#. Istvan excels in C#, .NET, Entity Framework, Azure, and possesses strong analytical and logical thinking skills.
Miklos Zsamba
Front-end Developer
Miklos has a rich history crafting innovative solutions and excels in diverse technologies, from React and Angular to Typescript and OJET. His expertise spans UI/UX design, SAFe Agile, Redux and proficiency in tools like Figma and Azure DevOps.  
Hire our top talent and on-demand teams who are brilliantly organised, expertly managed and highly motivated. They're pre-screened to match your capacity and project requirements, ensuring you get who you need, when you need them.
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